Men's Association


The 2017 golf season is approaching and the CENTENNIAL MEN’S GOLF ASSOCIATION would like to WELCOME back all current members and encourage golfers from throughout the Treasure Valley to visit Centennial Golf Course and give the CMGA a try. The CMGA is the men’s organization at Centennial GC founded to promote golf at Centennial and organize various competitive events throughout the golfing season. CMGA’s elected officers for the 2017 season are: President, Ron Fortner (466-1303), Vice President,   Secretary Treasurer. CMGA club dues for 2017 are $25.00. USGA index is $30.00 for CMGA members and $35.00 for index only. Listed below is our tournament schedule for the 2016 season: Note that your entry fee does not cover the green fee and or cart fees.

March 11th       2 Man Scramble JUST CMGA MEMBERS      9:30AM Shotgun      $25.00 / per team member

April  8th*           Men’s Individual OPEN       9:00AM Shotgun      $25.00 entry fee

April 20th          Start of League Night

Special note to all of you ...... the league fills up very fast so sign up early!!!

May 13th*        2 Man Best Ball     "THE MEACHAM OPEN"  9:00AM Shotgun   $25.00 / per team member          Dick Mecham R.I.P. We miss you !!!!                                                                  

June 3th*           Men’s Individual OPEN       8:00AM Shotgun      $25.00 entry fee

June 10th             Men's and Ladies Chapman              $25.00  / per team member

                                  mixed event

 (one member of the Chapman team must be a of a Centennial Golf Association)

July 15th*           2 Man 6+6+6 OPEN       8:00AM Shotgun        $25.00 / per team member 

Aug.5th *         2 Man 18 Hole Alternate Shot OPEN          8:00AM Shotgun      $25.00 Entry Fee Per Player     

Aug. 26th & 27th  Club Championship JUST CMGA MEMBERS    8:00AM Shotgun    $45.00 Entry Fee

Sept. 23rd             2 Man Best Ball JUST CMGA MEMBERS    9:00AM Shotgun $25.00  Entry Fee per player                                                             

                                                   Business Meeting 8:30 a.m.                                                                                 

Oct.14th           Just Because  JUST CGA MEMBERS      9:00AM Shotgun         $25.00 Entry Fee

 4 Person (CMGA & CLGA members) Scramble

Nov. 4th   Turkey Buster (CMGA & CLGA members Only)  Individual   Entry ???? for now

 *Open to ALL golfers regardless of club affiliation must have USGA index ( Green fee and carts not inclued in entry )

All dates times and formats are subject to change. Please check tournament posters located on the course bulletin boards for any corrections.  CMGA Spring League will begin on Thursday April 16th at 5:45 PM continuing for 9 or 10 weeks. The two man teams will compete at Best Ball format for 9 holes, earning points on each hole. Entry fee for this competition will be $30.00/team member. If enough interest is shown we will form a Fall League. Money will be added to several tournaments and Spring League during the 2017 season. 


Fun nights will be scheduled throughout the months of July, August and September, with various fun formats. See club bulletin boards in the Club House for further information.