Mayor's Golf Tournament
2017 CLGA Tournament Schedule
April 14th – 2-Lady Scramble (Open)
May 12th – 2-Lady Best Ball (Open)
July 7th - Centennial Challenge/2-Lady Best Ball (Open)
August 21st & 23rd – Club Championship
September 20th – CLGA Closer, 2-Lady 666 format
October 13th – CMGA/CLGA, 4-Person Scramble  JUST BECAUSE

 2018 CMGA Tournament Schedule

March 10th       2 Man Scramble JUST CMGA MEMBERS      9:30AM Shotgun      $25.00 / per team member

April  7th*           Men’s Individual OPEN       9:00AM Shotgun      $25.00 entry fee

April 19th          Start of League Night

Special note to all of you ...... the league fills up very fast so sign up early!!!

May 12th*        2 Man Best Ball     "THE MEACHAM OPEN"  9:00AM Shotgun   $25.00 / per team member          Dick Mecham R.I.P. We miss you !!!!   More every year.... big shoes to fill                                                               

June 2nd*           Idaho Golf Association Event      8:00AM Shotgun     

June 9th             Men's and Ladies Chapman OPEN              $25.00  / per team member

                                  mixed event

June 23rd*           Men's Association Individual  OPEN

July 14th*           2 Man 6+6+6 OPEN       8:00AM Shotgun        $25.00 / per team member 

Aug.4th *         2 Man 18 Hole Alternate Shot OPEN          8:00AM Shotgun      $25.00 Entry Fee Per Player     

Aug. 25th & 26th  Club Championship ONLY CMGA MEMBERS    8:00AM Shotgun    $45.00 Entry Fee

Sept. 22nd             2 Man Best Ball JUST CMGA MEMBERS    9:00AM Shotgun $25.00  Entry Fee per player                                                             

                                                   Business Meeting 8:30 a.m.                                                                                 

Oct.14th           Just Because  JUST CGA MEMBERS      9:00AM Shotgun         $25.00 Entry Fee

 4 Person (CMGA & CLGA members) Scramble

Nov. 4th   Ball Buster (CMGA & CLGA members Only)  Individual   Entry ???? for now

**All dates are subject to change - call Centennial to confirm date and start times at (208) 468-5889.